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Writing down is wisdom!

Story I am writing this blog post with some frustration in my heart. I once heart in a sermon that writing things down is wisdom. This seemed self-explanatory to me, and I didn’t realize how true this is, until this week I didn’t do it and lost something valuable as a result. A few daysContinue reading “Writing down is wisdom!”

Acknowledge your ignorance

Story Recently I heard in a sermon “realize about yourself”. While pondering on these words, I was thinking about myself, my actions in the past, and what other people have pointed out about my personality and my contradictions. While thinking about what I should change pertaining to myself, I was reminded of a friend IContinue reading “Acknowledge your ignorance”

Make yourself

Story I once heard in a sermon “make yourself”. I was thinking of this a lot throughout the last few years, trying to figure out what exactly it means. While encountering many people over three or four years, I started to see why it is important for us to make ourselves. The first person thatContinue reading “Make yourself”

Don’t fight

Story A few years ago, I was house sitting and had to take care of four pets. There was a Labrador named Freddie, a Ridgeback named Emily, and two cats, Ziggy and Stardust. Stardust is especially cute, and after taking care of her a lot, I grew really fond of her. One time I wasContinue reading “Don’t fight”

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